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First run

handsomecowboohandsomecowboo Posts: 284
edited November -1 in Our Train of Hope
This is my first experience with donor sperm and I'm (as probably most) cautiously optimistic. No pharmaceutical assistance for this run but I might be open to it if needed in the future. I'm almost 36 which has suddenly become ancient as my bf and I learn about artificial insemination. we recently found out that bf has 0 motility and that even ivf can't help with it. He's struggling with that and doesn't want anyone to know we're using a donor. In my efforts to be proactive, I'm trying to eat all the right foods, which seem to be changing with every website.

I'm waiting for the shipment to arrive today and plan to insem 12-15 hrs later via syringe and topped with a cervical cap. We are only doing one insem per round for $ reasons. Since we live hours from civilization, the closest RE is about a 3 hour drive, hence the diy version. I would prefer to do IUI but the bf reluctant to do that type of procedure at home. So it's an ici starter.

I'm taking everything as signs, even though I don't believe in that sort of thing. For example I was looking at the opk and preseed options at my local pharmacy when a pregnant friend texted me that she was going into labor. My coffee from the little coffee shop always comes with a sticker on the mouth hole to keep it from splashing in the car. This Wednesday's sticker was a basket with eggs. And then the general good fortune that although I've been working for the last 3 weeks with no days off, I have today (shipment delivery day) off.

... I know that none of these matter in the least but I'm still going to hang on to all the positivity I can find!

Here we go!


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    handsomecowboohandsomecowboo Posts: 284
    edited November -1
    Opk + on 8/29 and 8/30. Did ici at home on morning of 8/30. Even though cm was turning egg white on 8/29, I woke to a desert. Bf did the ici and said the cm on cervix was both whitish and had some clear ew with it. I guess we reached a new stage in our intimacy! He used a syringe to drop off the package and I capped it with an instead cup. I'm being ridiculously positive. Seriously. I'm usually such a pragmatist but today it seems like...

    First donor purchase. First ici. First potential motherhood.
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    ljimpey86ljimpey86 Posts: 387
    edited November -1
    Good luck to you! I was in the same boat last month. First ICI and everything.... Unfortunately a BFN, but I'm feeling hopeful this month as me and DH get to try twice. Once with ICI and once with IUI.
    Wife to DH with hypopitutarism and azoospermia
    Try #1 ICI 8/15 -BFN
    Try #2 ICI & IUI 9/15 -BFP!

    Abbigail Helen born 6/5/2016 7lb6oz
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