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IUI at home

ScorchkatsScorchkats Posts: 77
edited September 2015 in Trying to Conceive
Hi. I was wondering if anyone has done IUI at home and how your experience was? My wife and I were going to just do the ICI, but our donor has both samples available and the IUI samples are supposed to have more motility. I had thought of getting both samples for an ICI insemination, but now am thinking we should do IUI all the way to increase our chances of BFP the first time. Where did you find a good catheter? Was it painful? Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • acennamo86acennamo86 Posts: 80
    edited November -1
    My wife and I just did a IUI at home yesterday. My wife was trained by a nurse how to do it so we did not go at it blind. We purchased a speculum and syringe/cath supplies on Amazon. I feel light cramping when the cath enters my uterus but it goes away once the cath is removed. It is possible to do a IUI at home but definitely do your research.
  • ScorchkatsScorchkats Posts: 77
    edited November -1
    Thanks! We've definitely been doing a lot of research, trying to find all the videos and how to's that we can. :D
  • ljimpey86ljimpey86 Posts: 387
    edited November -1
    I copied the following from a post I did yesterday.....

    So DH and I did our first IUI today. I was a little nervous, as I didn't know what to really expect. It was also DH's first time doing something like that. (We both have a fairly significant medical background and knowledge though, as I'm a paramedic and he has multiple medical conditions that require him to give himself injections and see the dr frequently). Despite that everything went as planned. DH did wonderfully threading that catherter in and he said it was actually easier for him then doing a ICI. I honestly didn't feel anything...... The speculum was the most uncomfortable thing. Right now I am feeling some slight cramping.... But I was having some ovulation pain earlier and sometimes takes a bit for it to wind down. Crossing my fingers on this one, as I think the timing was pretty good.
    And as always thank you ladies for all the question answering support that you give. I could t have done it without all of your help.
    Wife to DH with hypopitutarism and azoospermia
    Try #1 ICI 8/15 -BFN
    Try #2 ICI & IUI 9/15 -BFP!

    Abbigail Helen born 6/5/2016 7lb6oz
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