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using one vial

mommaof4mommaof4 Posts: 18
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Has anyone gotten pregnant using only one vial and did you inseminate the day you got the positive on the ovulation test or 12 hours later?


  • LeopardLeopard Posts: 45
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    wow i will be stalking this post...i have just been googling the same thing lol!
  • Mommy2016Mommy2016 Posts: 1,037
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    I always use one vial. I have not had a successful pregnancy, but I did have a chemical a couple months ago. I did it 24 hours after the positive OPK.
    Luca Gabriel was born 10/25/17 at 34 weeks, due to PROM. He's healthy and perfect! I'm in love!
    5/2015-BFN 6/2015-Chemical 8/2015-BFN 10/2015-BFN 12/2015-BFP (miscarriage)
    2/2016-BFN 4/2016-BFN 7/2016-BFN 10/2016-BFN 11/2016-BFN 12/2016-BFN 3/2017-BFP!!!
  • K&HK&H Posts: 3,368
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    We both got pg using one vial, H was 12 hours after opk+, I was maybe 4 hours after. Each person's body is different and the more you know about your own body and signals, the more likely you will have success.
  • palegreenpalegreen Posts: 1,478
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    I got a BFP with one vial at 20 hours past +OPK
  • mommaof4mommaof4 Posts: 18
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    Thanks everyone for sharing. Gives me hope!!! Hope it works for us. :)
  • blkbrd3blkbrd3 Posts: 1,221 ✭✭
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    I became pregnant with my son using one vial. I inseminated the morning after my opinion indicated change.
  • pixybellestarrpixybellestarr Posts: 102
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    I got pregnant with 1 vial 5 of my pregnancies. With 4 of those I AIed as soon as I saw a positive opk. 1 of them I AIed the night before positive opk because I was afraid I missed it.
    MY first pregnancy I used 2 vials. One at positive opk and then 1 I think 12 hours later.
  • mommaof4mommaof4 Posts: 18
    edited November -1
    Yea!!! Thanks everyone. Fingers crossed for us. :)
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