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Donor 5341- Boy or Girl?!

BjKaraBjKara Posts: 5
edited November -1 in Pregnancy and Babies
We recently purchased some vials of Donor 5341. I am curious who conceived Boys or Girls with this Donor. I would LOVE and all feedback!!!


  • normallikeme81normallikeme81 Posts: 2
    edited November -1
    Did you have success with this donor? I am currently 7 months along with a baby boy.
  • tania.godintania.godin Posts: 6
    edited November -1
    My name is Tania Godin i’m from Canada, Québec (french canadian) I concieved with donor NW cryobank 5341.

    I try to connect with family that use thé same donor for created a sibling private group.

    My son, August Will turn 3 years old in october. He is really sweet, kind with a great charisma.

    Looking forward to Talking to you
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