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Seeking vials for donor 3688!!!

Winged_Sea_CaribouWinged_Sea_Caribou Posts: 11
edited November -1 in Our Train of Hope
Hello there! My partner and I concieved our son with donor 3688 three years ago and are now facing a potential second round of IVF. We had three frozen embryos but none came to fruition. We are pretty devistated but hopeful! When we saw 3688 was no longer active we stressed though NW Cryobank indicated they have vials that are in storage owned by others. We are hoping beyond hope that someone has JUST ONE VIAL they could part with so our son can have a full biological sibling. We never imagined with three frozen embryos that we would need to do IVF again...
So if anyone has any vials (including IVF vials) for 3688 we would be eternally grateful!!!
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