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How long before the miscarriage starts?

katookatoo Posts: 324
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I'm only 5 weeks. My HCG was doubling at the bare minimum of viability (every 68 hours) but now it's dropped. Yesterday morning it was 20, and I took an hpt later in the day and there was the faintest of squinters, so it's got to be close to nothing now. I've had mild cramping ever since implantation, but there are no other signs that my body is going to bleed. I would think that if there's no hcg, there's no reason for my body to keep this going. I just want to get it over with.


  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
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    1st of all sorry. been here. to speed it up you can buy angelica (dong quai) herbal tincture and take that. I have bleeding either that day or next.
    sometimes it takes up to a month but when the body drops in hcg that quick, you usually start bleeding on own fast.

    it should be just like a heavy period for you since you are so early.
  • New-mama?New-mama? Posts: 593
    edited April 2016
    Sorry for your loss. :( ); .Some people have missed abortions and doctors may need to help. Give it a few days.
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  • old mamaold mama Posts: 4,682
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    With one of mine it was several days. I didn't want medical intervention since I was less than 12 weeks so I waited it out. It was awful waiting. I am so sorry.
  • Heather&MeganHeather&Megan Posts: 151
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    At 5w3d I started spotting, two days later I had heavy bleeding (bright red with large clots) that lasted about two days and have had light bleeding/spotting (peachy to dark brown, mostly only when I go to the bathroom) since then. Tomorrow will be a week since it started. I had pretty horrible cramps for about a day. By this Wednesday, I had a negative Wondfo pregnancy test.

    I'm really sorry you're going through this. It sucks. For me, it got better once the intial bleeding stopped and I got the negative hpt. My doctor recommended against a D&C or medicine to help the miscarriage along saying it can do more harm then good when you aren't any farther along, can cause it to take longer to get back to a normal cycle thus delaying future tries. However, they also said if it I get severe abdominal pain or if the discharge/bleeding starts to smell rotten to see them immediately as that's a sign of infection. Avoid tampons, intercourse, douching as those all increase the odds of infection.

    Keeping you in my thoughts during this time. Wish none of us had to go through this :(
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