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Had to get B6 and unisom

F2M n SpouseF2M n Spouse Posts: 1,021 ✭✭
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I hate taking meds unless necessary but I couldn't take the night time sickness anymore. In the last 2.5 weeks I've actually thrown up 3 times but the rest I've been having killer nausea. I finally broke down and got some B6 and unisom and I actually feel pretty good today. Still doesn't help with my appetite but I'm glad I'm not feeling horrible.

Does anyone else only get "morning sickness" at night? I do feel nauseous sometimes in the morning but it gets worse towards the end of the night. Wonder why?


  • arogers470484arogers470484 Posts: 96
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    My nausea generally hangs around all day but it does seem to ramp up at night. If not for the Unisom, I don't think I would be getting any sleep! Luckily I wasn't getting sick in the middle of the night however I would wake up around 2 a.m. and just couldn't sleep anymore because the nausea was just so bad. I took the B6 for a while during the day but haven't really taken it much lately, I guess my nausea is getting a little better. I'm so looking forward to the second trimester in a couple of weeks hoping that this all goes away! I hope it goes away for you soon too.
  • JandRVAJandRVA Posts: 298
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    The Unisom/B6 combo was the only thing that made me semi functional during my first trimester. I had severe nausea 24 hours a day but nighttime was definitely the worst. The nausea would wake me up from a deep sleep most nights. At least the Unisom made me sleep far more than normal which actually helped with the nausea a lot. It didn't do anything to my appetite which has been pretty bad this entire time (I literally had to set a daily reminder in my phone to eat lunch since I kept forgetting about it). At almost 32 weeks pregnant, I'm only up about 8lbs but the baby is the perfect size/weight. Hopefully, your morning sickness will be on the way out soon.

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  • diane&tammydiane&tammy Posts: 1,467
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    I had it 24/7 for 17 weeks and had to get Zofran. Even then it only took the edge off! It will get better! Good luck!
  • F2M n SpouseF2M n Spouse Posts: 1,021 ✭✭
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    I took B6 Wednesday night and Thursday woke up feeling like a million bucks. Couldn't even tell I was pregnant. Loads of energy and felt my chipper self again. Forgot to take the meds last night and I feel awful today.

    I hope it's a sign our little one is doing well. Don't have another ultrasound until January 3rd which was 3 weeks from our last ultrasound. Really anxious/excited!!!!
  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
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    I would get it from the time I would eat in the morning till I went to sleep. so I would sleep as much as possible to avoid feeling like I had the flu every day. I had it for 13 weeks straight.
    unisom took the edge off for me but after a bit didnt work much. however, if I didnt take it at all, I was even worse, crying and throwing up here and there.
    I felt like not puking was worse than just feeling crappy.
  • 2NewMoms2NewMoms Posts: 394
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    I had really bad morning sickness in the middle of the night. I'd wake up feeling extremely sea sick and had to set my alarm every few hours to wake up and eat something to keep it somewhat managed. My doctor prescribed me Diclegis which is basically b6/unisom and it helped a ton. I was on it until 16w.

    Good luck!!!
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  • ljimpey86ljimpey86 Posts: 387
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    I was hesitant to take medications, but wish I had earlier in my pregnancy. I finally ended up taking zofran when I was 33 weeks pregnant and it made a huge difference.
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  • F2M n SpouseF2M n Spouse Posts: 1,021 ✭✭
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    I take it on and off. I hate taking medicine especially with the mini pharmacy I'm already downing a day.

    It does help though that's for sure. I tried Unisom 12.5mg and it doesn't seem to help much so I'm going to take 25mg when needed.
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