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Donor 7637 - 5 ICI vials for sale

Mom2Beof2Mom2Beof2 Posts: 2
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
I have 5 ICI vials of donor 7637 available for sale. This is a current donor. I bought enough to receive the 12 or more vial discount so I hope to pass some savings onto someone else that needs it, especially since there is another increase coming in a few days. Before purchasing these vials I was told this donor has been successful and has resulted in several female pregnancies.

My RE said the count was very high, especially for an ICI sample. They typically want patients to use IUI, but I bought these before making the decision to use an RE. Post wash/concentration was over 25 million alive and motile. We had success with one vial on our first unmedicated IUI with RE.

I am asking for $350/vial and would prefer not to split them up. Buyer is responsible for the transfer fee and will be provided with a bill of sale.

Donor Profile: https://www.nwcryobank.com/donor-profile/?DonorID=46432#


  • LadywithsodomojoLadywithsodomojo Posts: 96
    edited November -1
    Hi there!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I see your username is mom to be of two. Are you pregnant with twins?! His brothers are fraternal so
    I'm super curious.

    I have purchased enough from this donor to get started in March. I am very excited, as I really like his profile. I'm not sure I have a need for your samples right now as I have 6 to get started with, but if you are unable to sell them and are interested in me making an offer, I would definitely be interested. Feel free to email me at nicole gris @ gmail (no spaces) if you want to keep in touch about this. I just can't swing buying them all right now unfortunately.

    Thanks much,
  • Mom2Beof2Mom2Beof2 Posts: 2
    edited November -1
    Oh my - no just one baby! I already have one :)

    I will hold onto your e-mail in case there is no other interest. Thanks.
  • LadywithsodomojoLadywithsodomojo Posts: 96
    edited November -1
    Awesome. Thank you!
  • carebear430carebear430 Posts: 147
    edited November -1
    are these still available?
  • oleliliesolelilies Posts: 38
    edited November -1
    Still for sale?
  • mestradamestrada Posts: 24
    edited November -1
    Are these still available?
  • doodlemomdoodlemom Posts: 2

    Are these still available? Very interested in xbuying from you if you still have any available.

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