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6 vials of donor 5341 for discounted sale

PollywogPollywog Posts: 13
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I finally, at the ripe old age of post-40, have met the man of my dreams and am hoping to conceive via him. I have 6 vials of donor 5341, who is a good-looking caucasian/fair-colored gentleman. All vials are ICI, and I'm looking to sell them. Please feel free to message me if you are interested. I also have photos as a bonus.

Here is his information:

Donor Code: 5341

Ethnic Origin: French, German, Russian
Blood Type: O Positive
Hair Color: Brown
Type of Hair: Straight
Thickness of Hair: Thick
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion Relative to Race: Medium
Bone Structure: Medium
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195
Handedness: Left-Handed
CMV Status (All donors test CMV-IgM Negative): Negative
Vision: Excellent, does not wear lenses
Hearing: Excellent
Dentition: Excellent, no orthodontia required
Allergies: Phenergan
Hospitalization: None known
Alcohol Usage: Does drink alcohol; 0-3 Drinks per week
Tobacco Usage: Does not smoke
Drug Usage: Tests NEGATIVE for Drugs of Abuse.


  • PollywogPollywog Posts: 13
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    Just updating this post - it is still active.
  • TheOtherLovingMomsTheOtherLovingMoms Posts: 1,481 ✭✭
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    Did you post this in the seeking/selling vials thread under the pregnancy and babies section of the forum? You might have better luck there.
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  • tania.godintania.godin Posts: 6
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    this vial are still available? I used this donor for my kid!

    I try to connect with family who used this donor, for created a sibling group.... If your interest.
    I'm from Canada, Québec (so french canadian)
  • gsimmsgsimms Posts: 17

    5341 can you send pictures?

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