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Selling 1 IUI Vial from Donor 4206: $300

dr.pepp09dr.pepp09 Posts: 3
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
We were able to get pregnant on our first try! I would like to sell the IUI vial we have in storage because I do not to continue paying storage fees; and we are done! I paid $375 but we will sell for $300, OBO, and buyer will pay transfer fees from NW Cryo. If interested, please contact me at [email protected].

Here are 4206's demos:

Donor Code: 4206

Ethnic Origin: Canadian, English, Lithuanian, Polish, Swedish, Yugoslavian

Blood Type: A Positive

Hair Color: Brown

Type of Hair: Straight

Thickness of Hair: Thin

Eye Color: Blue-Green

Complexion Relative to Race: Medium

Bone Structure: Medium

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 170

Handedness: Right-Handed

CMV Status (All donors test CMV-IgM Negative): Positive

Vision: Good, does not wear lenses

Hearing: Good

Dentition: Good, no orthodontia required

Allergies: hay, cats, pollen, grass

Hospitalization: None known

Alcohol Usage: Does not drink alcohol

Tobacco Usage: Does not smoke

Drug Usage: Tests NEGATIVE for Drugs of Abuse.

Paternal Grandfather: Alive and in his 70's, Healthy

Paternal Grandmother: Alive and in her 70's, Healthy

Maternal Grandfather: Alive and in his 80's, Adult on-set diabetes, lifestyle related

Maternal Grandmother: Alive and in her 70's, Healthy

Father: Alive and in his 40's, Healthy

Mother: Alive and in her 50's, Healthy

Siblings: At least one sibling, all in good health

Genetic Screening Performed: Yes

Donor Communication (Type): Anonymous
Welcomed Max on 10/14/14!


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