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3rd Trimester Update!

FutureSMBCFutureSMBC Posts: 1,018
edited November -1 in Pregnancy and Babies
I'm a week late but baby boy (no name yet) and I are finally in the 3rd trimester. Still surreal, even when baby kicking all day!
My bump still looks like I'm just fat LOL! But I started wearing clothes that enhance it and sometimes I can see it!
My pregnancy was so easy for the first 2 trimesters but now I'm definitely starting to get those aches and pains. I'm a fast walker and I have to remind myself constantly to ease up on the speed.

I started seeing the Maternal Fetal Specialist and he did one of those extensive US that measure everything. Baby was doing great but he referred me to the Fetal Cardiologist with the only reason that it's an IVF pregnancy. I was skeptical about needing to go so I consulted with my OB who said they hadn't found anything abnormal to grant a visit to the cardio. So I skipped it.

I had another appointment last week with the MFM but all they did was an US. I asked the tech if they did 3D as I hadn't had a good picture since 12 weeks. She tried and tried but baby was not having it. He covered his face!!!

TTC since March 2015: 5 ICIs & 5 IUIs -all BFN
July 2016- IVF w/BC/Lupron/Gonal-f/Ovidrel - converted to IUI- BFN
Sept 2016-IVF w/BC/Lupron/Gonal-f/Ovidrel- Two 3d ET- BFP @ 9dp3dt, Beta#1: 209 @ 12dp3dt, #2: 782 @ 15dp3dt - EDD 6/3/17 - It's a Boy!


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    b&kmakebabiesb&kmakebabies Posts: 818
    edited November -1
    I'm so happy for you and glad it's all going well!!!

    TTC from 06/2015...Baby M born 11/24/16!
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    F2M n SpouseF2M n Spouse Posts: 1,021 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Glad to hear everything is going well :)
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    ahk00ahk00 Posts: 1,420
    edited November -1
    Boys are stubborn like that :) So exiting for you.
    SMBC: TTC since 12/2014: 3 home attempts: 2 BFN & 1 chemical. 3 medicated Dr assisted IUI's: 2 BFN & 1 BFP (04/24/15) with twins in May (new donor) MC with D&C @ 9w. 4th IUI 09/17/15: BFN. 10/15: hsg good. 11/15: BFN. 01/16: BFN. 05/16: Embryos arrested. IVF failed 06/16: KD BFN 07/16: KD BFN 09/16: IUI #7 with donor sperm BFP-MC at 9w w/ D&C. 02/17: diagnosed with hetero compound MTHFR & clotting mutation. 03/09/17 IUI #8: chemical pregnancy. IUI #9: 04/19/17 BFN LOOKING FOR EMBRYO'S TO ADOPT
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    perry261perry261 Posts: 564 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    I'm so glad to hear it is all going ok!
    Krystal - 28 - Future SMBC - PCOS - Pre-Diabetic - Insulin Resistant - MTHFR Carrier - Hypothyroidism - IUI 3/20/16 - BFN | ICI on 5/28/16 - BFP!! Sadly I miscarried on July 21, 2016 | ICI on 9/11/16 & 9/12/16 - BFN | IUI on 10/12/16 - BFP Due July 2017!!

    Charlese was born on June 17, 2017 at 8:33 AM. She was the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen. She came into this world weighing 7 lbs and 5ozs. She was 19 1/2 inches.

    Will try for #2 around September 2019! I’m ready to complete my family!
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    pikespeakpikespeak Posts: 106
    edited November -1
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    grovehill123grovehill123 Posts: 404
    edited November -1
    I'm so happy for you. I have stubborn ones too, I'm yet to get any pic of the face, last time I saw their ribs in a pic... Gotta love it, soon you will have them in your arms.
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    kelleymelkelleymel Posts: 1,402
    edited November -1
    TTC #1: BFP Cycle #11 IVF (2014)
    TTC #2: IVF April 2017
    BFP: FET Due February 2018
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