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Wondfo Tests LOT W00170116-3 Exp 1-10-2019

2HopefulMommies2HopefulMommies Posts: 171
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
There has been a bad batch of Wondfo's discovered. LOT # W00170116-3 with Exp date 1-10-2019. Apparently these were sold from NUMEROUS online vendors and have been having issues with false positives, indents, and evaps. IF you are using tests from this batch, you should definitely confirm with a different brand of test before getting excited or stop using them all together.

I have not contacted Wondfo to confirm, but this has been posted on numerous forums and a fair about of lades have reported having false positives (doctor confirmed) with this batch.


  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
    edited November -1
    yes I got 2 bad batches. gutted feeling too cause I thought I had + tests :( i bought mine thru amazon so I will return what I have left
  • perry261perry261 Posts: 489
    edited November -1
    I plan on starting to try for number two this March/April and those are the test I got free with my opks. Thanks for posting this.
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  • 2HopefulMommies2HopefulMommies Posts: 171
    edited November -1
    No problem! I was surprised that no one had shared it yet on this forum. My wife and I have the bad batch, too. I'm going to try to contact the seller through Amazon and see about returning what we have left.
  • yogibabyyogibaby Posts: 122
    edited November -1
    i used these but not early. I think I used them starting 18 dpo. Used Frer and Cheap Walmart tests first. Note: The line doesn't progress darker nicely not like FRER and other tests. My 7 week preg pee test was the same as my 5 1/2 week preg test. I figure it's part of the dye not being great at distinguishing higher amounts of hcg. Not reassuring if you wanted a gradual darker line for peace of mine from previous miscarriage. I started to freak out at first and then realized that on forums they talked about how the line doesn't become significantly darker later.
    I have used the clinical guard before (from Amazon) and been pretty happy with them. No evap lines early. Depressingly a negative is a negative no false hopes.
    I almost bought the clinical guard and at the last minute decided I would try the wondfo ones from before.
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