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ICI at home...BFP!!

LavenderMoonLavenderMoon Posts: 5
edited November -1 in Pregnancy and Babies
Hi everyone!
This morning I just got my first ever BFP! My wife and I are overjoyed!
This was our third unmedicated ICI attempt at home. We inseminated 3 times, 18 hrs after I saw peak fertility on the Clearblue, then 24, 34. I’m so confused though, about how to calculate how far along I am since it seems drs count from the last menstrual period...but that would make me 3 weeks, 4 days along when we only inseminated on March 3rd and 4th? Seems silly to count those extra weeks when we know pretty much exactly when we conceived. Any thoughts on this?


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    syoung0204syoung0204 Posts: 504
    edited November -1
    The doctors work by completely different rules! It was so frustrating for us when I was trying to explain this to our doctors, they were pretty much like " aww that's cute, ok now shut up we don't care", haha.

    Some do however do a dating scan at around 8 weeks I think, and they will make adjustments to your due date if needed then. I think they have a formula that assumes conception dates based from last period. There were only 2 days difference between our own calculated due date and the one they gave us. I was so mad that whole pregnancy though, haha.
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    RedHeatherRedHeather Posts: 600 ✭✭
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    Technically the “gestational age” is 2 weeks at the moment of conception, because they include the 2 weeks the egg was growing before ovulation, so you are already at 4 weeks gestation when you get to the end of the 2 week wait. Nevermind the fact that most women don’t have perfect cycles!

    There are some due date calculation apps that allow you to enter the conception date, so it may be worth trying one of those. That’s what I went by, though in my case it was only one day off vs calculating by menstruation (I had the IUI on cycle day 13).
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    New-mama?New-mama? Posts: 593
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    I had an iui on cd 12. My doctor based my due date on lmp so she always had me two days behind. Anytime someone would ask I’d say based on my due date I’m so far along and based on my doctor I’m so far along.
    TTC attempt 1: ICI Dec 2015 BFN/Attempt 2-3 IUI Jan&April 2016 BFN/Attempt 4: 1ICI 1 IUI May 2016 BFN/Attempt 5-7: ICI-June, Sept, Nov 2016 BFN/Attempt 8-9 iui April 2017 BFN.
    May 2017 IUI BFP!!!!
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