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Donor 6417

Jacara23Jacara23 Posts: 1
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
Has anyone had success with 6417? This donor shows no pregnancies on NWC but mentioned having a child in his written statement so we gave him a try. We checked quality with a microsocope at home on two vials this month after thawing and motility was the worst of any of the 19 samples we have viewed in the past year. We counted about 10% of the little guys moving at best. Just wondering if anyone has had success as we have 4 other vials on storage from this donor. Thanks! Baby dust to all!


  • yogibabyyogibaby Posts: 122
    edited November -1
    Do you have a hemacytometer?
    Don’t freak out about the sperm theres a specific method to doing the count that’s better for accuracy. The count for motile sperm might actually still be okay. I used to work in a lab. Anyway, babydust. Hope you get tour bfp soon.
    TTC #1: August 2017 - ICI BFP- miscarried @7weeks
    TTC#2: December 2017- ICI, IUI- BFP! - Will induce @ 37 weeks 4 days (9/7/18 ) Can't wait to meet my sweet baby boy! Baby here 9/8/18! 7lbs1oz and 20.5 inches long.
  • SheilinhaSheilinha Posts: 3

    HI, I am planning to buy 3 vials from the Donor 6417. any success? I would love to hear from you before I buy it. Thanks

  • tskrach2tskrach2 Posts: 3

    Just had my little girl thanks to donor 6417. If you’re successful too, please let me know if you’d like to connect siblings.


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