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How many vials? Help!

shayna0515shayna0515 Posts: 25
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Okay, so we only purchased one vial this month (it was our first month trying. AF showed up yesterday so we are out for August. However I am due to ovulate around September 16 or 17th. (My periods are like clockwork, I temp and use opk’s)

So here’s the question:

Should we buy two vials and Inseminate at 18 hours after positive OPK and 30 hours after positive OPK

Or should we buy three vials and inseminate at 12 hours after positive 24 hours after positive and 30 hours after positive?

What has worked best and been successful for you???

We will be doing I ici. Please let me know ASAP! Thank you!!!


  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
    edited November -1
    2 vials was best for me. it helped me relax and know I didnt have to have timing perfect and 2 covers more time and gives more swimmers to find that egg.

    BUT Im trying again and Im using 3-4 vials now.
    so I would say 2-3 for sure.
  • shayna0515shayna0515 Posts: 25
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    What times do you usually inseminate?
  • tinydancertinydancer Posts: 1,210
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    usually 8-12 hrs and then 18-24.
  • tealbowtealbow Posts: 36
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    I used 2 vials
    The attempt I was successful with I inseminated at 12 and 24 hrs post a peak ovulation
    (So if my OPK said peak at 8am Monday - I inseminated 8pm Monday, 8am Tuesday)
    At home ICI Dec 2017 - BFN
    At home ICI January 2018 - BFP at 10dpo
    Baby girl born September 2018
  • shayna0515shayna0515 Posts: 25
    edited November -1
    Okay, we ended up getting two vials! I had a positive OPK yesterday morning around 10-10:30am due to work schedules we inseminated at about 5 pm (So about 7hours post +opk) and this morning at 5am! (About 18-19 hours post positive opk) cervix was open and high both yesterday and today and I have EWCM! So hopefully this is our month!
  • 2HopefulMommies2HopefulMommies Posts: 171
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    Sending you lots of baby dust!!!
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