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Hopefully 3rd time’s the charm!

shayna0515shayna0515 Posts: 25
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
Just finished with insemination for our third try. We did the first two tries with 241R, this time we went with 641 R.

First time we went 12 hours past first opk.

Second time we went 6 & 22ish.

This time, positive opk came very early, and this morning was the third blazing positive in a row. We inseminated two days after first positive opk this time. We’ve been doing ici, placing sperm (washed) just inside the cervix with a catheter. My cervix (according to my DW plus by how it felt) was WAY softer and more open this time. So I took another opk this evening and it is starting to fade. So i must have ovulated (plus my nipples are a bit sore) hopefullyif my egg lives 24 hours then one of these little spermies will make it to the egg.

Trying to remain hopeful and that it isn’t too late.

On the plus side I wasn’t home when fed ex delivered this morning, (friend is dying and went to say goodbye) and the lady said she knows what my package is and knows how important it is to receive on time. So the driver came back to make sure it was delivered. Excellent service FedEx!!!!

Now onto the tww!!


  • JryannygJryannyg Posts: 2
    edited November -1
    Good luck to you and hope this is it!!! Sorry to hear about your friend as well, but glad FedEx was awesome...stay positive thru your TWW and sending all good vibes your way!!
  • shayna0515shayna0515 Posts: 25
    edited November -1
    Thank you! We are staying positive. The TWW is definitely the hardest part. I’m only 3 DPO right now. Ugh the wait!!!! I long two see those two little pink lines so badly!

    Everyone around me is pregnant right now too. Hopefully it will run off on me!

    I am hoping the whole it arriving a bit late thing may work out to our favor. I tend to inseminate early because we have it, so maybe it was meant to be late to stop me from doing it early!
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