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Donor 689A

retroj78retroj78 Posts: 3
edited January 2019 in Parenting and Life
We successfully conceived in 2012 and I gave birth in 2013 using Donor 689A. We have a beautiful daughter who is 5yo now. She had some severe allergies to animal dander when she was little, but she seems to have outgrown them and she is very healthy now.

Donor 689A claimed to have French, German, Romanian, Spanish, and Welsh ancestry. I was very interested in knowing how much of Donor 689A's Spanish and Romanian ancestry had been passed to my daughter, since she is very pale and looks nearly identical to me. So my daughter and I recently took some Ancestry DNA kits.

We just got the Ancestry results back yesterday: My daughter only has English/Welsh, German, Irish, and Norwegian blood. My daughter has absolutely NO French, Romanian, or Spanish ancestry at all. Which leads me to believe that Donor 689A has no French, Romanian, or Spanish heritage, or that he only had a negligible amount.

My wife is Spanish, so we chose Donor 689A because of his claim of Spanish ancestry. These findings are disappointing to my wife, who shares no blood with our daughter and now we have found out that she shares very little ethnicity.

In the grand scheme of things, it is not terribly important. We have a smart, beautiful, healthy, and funny little girl. I just thought that y'all might want to know that Donor 689A's ethnicity is not what he claimed it to be.
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