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Donor 7526 :)

mrqz03mrqz03 Posts: 3
edited November -1 in Pregnancy and Babies
We are using donor 7526 - and saw he has confirmed pregnancy - any one has used this donor?


  • Mari107Mari107 Posts: 62

    Hi, I’m currently using this donor. Did you conceive?

  • Amanda2653Amanda2653 Posts: 22

    I am using this donor my first iui is this month. have either of your conceived with this donor?

  • Mari107Mari107 Posts: 62
    edited October 2020

    Hi Amanda, I am on cycle #4 trying to conceive with this donor but cycle #3 was a complete loss because for some odd reason I didn’t ovulate and I am very regular so I don’t know what through my cycle off last month. I had no choice but to inseminate the vial because the tank was almost completely empty of nitrogen and the vial would go bad during the return shipping. My first two cycles ovulated perfectly and I did at home insemination but didn’t conceive which I believe was just the timing, Maybe I inseminated too soon after a positive ovulation test result. This cycle my midwife is going to do IUI on me to increase my chances. She also switched me from letrozole to Clomid with a high dosage. I have 3 vials in storage, This cycle I will use two vials for the IUI’s. Praying this cycle gives me my BFP.

    Good luck and please keep us updated.

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