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Donor 3729! BFP!

MrsgcMrsgc Posts: 2
edited April 2019 in BFP Database
We got our BFP a few days ago! We used donor 3729. He's an ID disclosure donor, and that was very important to us. It worked for us on our 1st try! We are his 1st reported pregnancy! We are very excited, and hope this may help someone in the future. Goodluck everyone!


  • perry261perry261 Posts: 564 ✭✭✭
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    Krystal - 28 - Future SMBC - PCOS - Pre-Diabetic - Insulin Resistant - MTHFR Carrier - Hypothyroidism - IUI 3/20/16 - BFN | ICI on 5/28/16 - BFP!! Sadly I miscarried on July 21, 2016 | ICI on 9/11/16 & 9/12/16 - BFN | IUI on 10/12/16 - BFP Due July 2017!!

    Charlese was born on June 17, 2017 at 8:33 AM. She was the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen. She came into this world weighing 7 lbs and 5ozs. She was 19 1/2 inches.

    Will try for #2 around September 2019! I’m ready to complete my family!
  • MrsgcMrsgc Posts: 2
    edited November -1
    Thank you! :D
  • BjornshouseBjornshouse Posts: 5


  • ycvtycvt Posts: 2

    We got our BFP with donor 3729 and I’m 8 weeks along. I’m curious to connect if you’re ok with that. I hope all went well with your pregnancy and you are enjoying your little one.

  • JJ_95JJ_95 Posts: 11

    Hi there! I also am pregnant by using donor 3729! Im currently 19weeks4days and due March 31st of 2022 :) I hope both of your pregnancies went well and I’d love to stay in touch with any families who conceived using the same donor :)

  • ycvtycvt Posts: 2
    edited November 2021

    Congratulations!! Our baby is almost 3 months old. She is healthy and so happy! Good luck with your pregnancy. I hope you’re feeling well!

  • aubreylaineaubreylaine Posts: 8

    I recently got a BFP with donor 3729 and am due October 20, 2022 :) I am over the moon! I hope that all of your babies/pregnancies are doing well. I thought he seemed like a great donor for many reasons, and am so pleased to see that others have had success with him as well. I would love to stay in touch with families who conceived using the same donor - please feel free to message me.

  • If anyone has any vials they are willing to part with, Im interested. He was my first donor and only donor that I have ever had a BFP with. 2 miscarriages that my RE feels were from a polyp that has now been removed. Moving to IVF in a couple months.

    * I would have been his very first BFP had my first pregnancy stuck*

    [email protected]

  • wonderlandlizwonderlandliz Posts: 1

    Hey y'all, we also used donor 3729 and have a one year old! Love to connect with anyone interested! Hope everything is going well with everyone!

  • Hi all! I posted here last year, but just wanted to say my daughter conceived with donor 3729 is now 11 months old and such a joy. It seems like she might be the youngest among the families who have posted here. Currently undergoing IVF with the same donor to try for baby #2.

    I am thinking of making a private facebook group for families who used this donor to connect, as I don't check this site often and I suspect others don't either. I'll post the link here when I figure out how to do that. Absolutely ZERO pressure to join, but if anyone wants to keep in touch, please feel free to join the group or message me on here. I am open to as little or as much contact as others would prefer.

  • Just found out we aren't allowed to post FB links here - I did create a private group on FB for anyone interested. The group is private but currently can be searched so families can find it, the group is called "3729".

    Anyone with children from donor 3729 should feel free to request access if you would like to keep in touch (including anyone who wants low contact but is still interested in seeing or posting the occasional update).

  • nkeelingnkeeling Posts: 7

    Hi! We also have a toddler who was conceived with donor 3729. I'm very interested in joining the FB group but have been unable to find the group. I also wanted to see if any of you are ready to part with your remaining vials given the recent news that NW Cryobank is closing in a few weeks. Looking forward to connecting!

  • aubreylaineaubreylaine Posts: 8

    I’ll try to see how to make the group searchable - it isn’t really active yet but I’d love to connect with you! I may have done the settings wrong.

    Similarly, if anyone is willing to part with even one vial from this donor before the bank closes, we would be so so grateful! We are trying to conceive a sibling as well :) Feel free to message me or email at [email protected]

  • nkeelingnkeeling Posts: 7

    I searched a few ways and still unfortunately couldn’t find it. Hopefully a few will join but you can also email me the FB group link. [email protected]

  • I actually reported my pregnancy using 3729 in January of 2019 and then again in July of of 2020. Both unfortunately miscarried and I recently found out it’s very likely due to a clotting disorder that I was diagnosed with.

    Good luck to everyone and I hope you are all able to catch up on fb. I will try to find it myself too and if so let you know how I found it.

  • Bammmm… put in just 3729 and it’s the first one that pops up. Again wishing you all luck in the future.

  • nkeelingnkeeling Posts: 7

    When I search 3729, so many other things come up! Gahhhhh.

  • If you’re searching just 3729 it’s the one that shows private group with NWCryo in its details

  • aubreylaineaubreylaine Posts: 8

    I changed the group name to Northwest Cryobank Donor 3729 so hopefully that helps people find it!

  • aubreylaineaubreylaine Posts: 8

    Apparently I’m doing something wrong, the group says it’s visible but no one can find it! If you want to join, feel free to email me at [email protected] with your email or Facebook information and I can invite you to the group.

  • I found it easily but I only looked at the name and never even clicked on it and I was sent a message through I was denied because I didn’t answer the questions..,there are no questions to answer. Maybe there’s a glitch on the page

  • srmm007srmm007 Posts: 9

    Hello everyone. My wife conceived our son April of 2021, and our second on 12 of 2024. We would love to connect with anyone who is willing and open. Also looking anyone willing to sell extra vials. I also just requested to join the fb group.

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