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I can’t find my vials on my account

dangquan091dangquan091 Posts: 1
edited November -1 in Trying to Conceive
I have several vials in long term storage to try for a bio sibling. I contacted NW after the merger because I couldn’t find them on my account. They said it was normal and that the info wasn’t lost. That was a month ago and I still can’t find them when I checked earlier this week. It’s really starting to stress me out. Is anyone else having this issue?


  • RedHeatherRedHeather Posts: 600 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    Mine isn’t showing either.
  • NWC_Admin86NWC_Admin86 Posts: 83
    edited November -1
    Hello! This feature is currently being added to the site and are hoping to have this functional within the next month. Thank you for your patience and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at all in the meantime.
  • Erm27Erm27 Posts: 17

    Yep since the merger they can't get it together they need to fix the site I want to see my vials listed on my account I want my sibling registry back showing on my account. They give me bad anxiety because who know they could have "misplaced" my vials even though they say it's there I have zero trust in them they have been super shady since the merger.

  • CortizCortiz Posts: 4 admin

    Hi there - Vial storage manager is now active. It does take 24 hours for the vials purchased to show in the account. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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