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I got a positive ovulation test (strip) and peak on the clear blue digital at 12:30 pm today. I have one vial for this cycle so I was thinking 32 hours past. This is an IUI/IVF vial.

My last cycle before this was an ICI vial and I inseminated at 18 hours past peak. My cycle before that I had two vials, I inseminated with and ICI vial at 16 ish hours past and a IUI/IVF vial about 36 hours past peak on the clearblue digital. These cycles I ovulated 'late' around CD 18. This cycle I got my peak on CD 14.

Any advice on timing for this cycle is welcome. I have an appointment for a day 21 progesterone test. I have been temping but I don't know how to read that really. My temp was up this morning but I have sleep issues and was up around 4 hours during the night.



  • ttcnumber2!ttcnumber2! Posts: 30

    I went ahead with insemination at 32 hours past peak. The result of my day 21 progesterone test (taken this morning) was 18.4

    Luteal phase range is between 1.8-23.9 and I believe above a 12 is supposed to indicate normal ovulation.

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