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Donor 984

Hello everyone,

I have been absent from this website a number of years, but have returned with the hopes of friendly contact with other parents of donor 984 babies.

I conceived my daughter in October of 2009, and she was born the following summer.

She is a lovely young lady, turning 10 this summer. She is a deeply caring child, intelligent, talented, sensitive, beautiful, and healthy. She enjoys drawing, art, music, playing guitar and impromptu poetry and song making. She loves animals, especially cats.

If you are also a parent of donor 984 children and are interested in open contact, please feel free to contact me.

My motivations are to discuss the health of our children, possibly develop friendships, and if the vibes are right, perhaps one day having a meet and greet. In the very least, I feel it's important for the children to be aware of who their siblings are, as the world at large grows ever smaller with the advent of the internet, DNA home testing, social media, etc.

I also feel it would be comforting to our children to know they have other genetically connected brothers/sisters out there.

If you are a 984 parent, and feel as I do, I welcome contact.

Thank you

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