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Donor 10A08

I noticed that the number of ICI vials for 10A08 has dropped below 25. I guess that means that someone else is trying with him, too. We just did our first round of IUI with his vial. Any other potential parents of babies with that donor out there?


  • Was your first round successful? Are you only buying the ici vials?

  • I'm doing IUI, not ICI. I'm not the person (people?) buying ICI vials. If you use this donor and succeed, too, please let me know!!

  • alindalind Posts: 2

    We recently bought 3 vials and had no success with this donor. It seems to now be not available 😓

  • madmamamadmama Posts: 2

    My wife and I just purchased his last vial of ICI, but the woman on the phone mentioned that he has some in quarantine. We will be trying for the first time at home next week. Have either of you had any success?


  • I have. You can find me on the Facebook group "NW Cryobank Donor Families"

  • madmamamadmama Posts: 2

    @JuniperMintHoney That is great! Are you currently pregnant? It looks like you did IUI... How many times did it take for you to get pregnant?

  • mbaldwinmbaldwin Posts: 3

    We conceived in march of 2020, healthy baby in Dec 2020. We did IUI with the help or a doctors office and super ovulation drugs. It worked on the 3rd attempt

  • @mbaldwin We are just a month ahead of you. Conceived IUI (w/ clomid) in Feb 2020, healthy baby in November 2020. Congratulations!

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