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March Featured Donors - 30% off!

We have three fantastic featured donors to choose from this month! From now until 03/31/20 receive 30% off vials for these donors. Call us at 800-786-5251 to place your order. Visit nwcryobank.com for more info.


  • LasVegasSMBCLasVegasSMBC Posts: 20

    Do you still have Featured Donors?

  • NWC_Admin2NWC_Admin2 Posts: 10 admin
    edited August 2021

    Hi @LasVegasSMBC,

    Yes, we chose featured donors each month. August's featured Donor is 12925. All vials from this donor are 30% off until 08/31/2021.

  • LasVegasSMBCLasVegasSMBC Posts: 20

    Amazing! He is my 2nd choice since he doesn't have genetic testing, so I'll think about it.

    Is there any way to get Featured Donor updates directly? I clicked like on fb but have never seen them there.

  • NWC_Admin2NWC_Admin2 Posts: 10 admin

    @LasVegasSMBC Yes, if you are subscribed to our email updates you will receive emails when a new featured donor is chosen each month. We also post the featured donors on our Instagram.

  • LasVegasSMBCLasVegasSMBC Posts: 20

    Thanks 😊. I clicked the resubscribe button and will be placing my order once my new cycle starts.

  • nessybottynessybotty Posts: 6

    any featured donors for January

  • NWC_Admin2NWC_Admin2 Posts: 10 admin

    @nessybotty Yes! Our Featured Donor for January 2022 is Donor 15593. All vials for this donor are 30% off until January 31st, 2022. For 30% off vials for this donor, you must call 800-786-5251 to place your order. 

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