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Donot 10A20

Hi, I am 3 months pregnant with a baby girl from this donor. Any other pregnancies from this donor?


  • MeripendiumMeripendium Posts: 3

    Not yet, but hoping to be soon! Best wishes on our pregnancy!!

  • Lola_HLola_H Posts: 5

    @Meripendium hi, how are you? any news to share?

  • ElambvtElambvt Posts: 3

    Congratulations! I am just finding your post and am guessing at this point you have welcomed your baby girl! :) I hope all is going well!

    I am 7 months pregnant with a boy from donor 10A20! My husband and I are super excited! I would love to connect if that is something you would be interested in (and totally understand if you prefer not to!)

  • MeripendiumMeripendium Posts: 3

    Hi @Lola_H Unfortunately no updates from me yet, I've had some other health issues to manage before I can start trying, but I hope to be able to very soon. How are you doing? How is baby girl now? I hope all is well with you.

    @Elambvt congratulation! I hope your labor and birth go well and will look for an update and maybe some pics of your little guy soon :)

  • Lola_HLola_H Posts: 5

    @Meripendium thank you so much for responding! My baby girl is doing well, she’s gonna be 3 months on the 28th! I wish you the best of luck! Please keep us updated :)

    @Elambvt congratulations! Very happy for your family! How’s the pregnancy going? Mine was smooth, the baby came 3 days past due date. She was 8lb 14oz and I had a c-section. She’s perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful! :) she was born with a head full of hair! And her eyes are gray (at least they haven’t changed the color yet).

  • ElambvtElambvt Posts: 3

    Thank you both so much for responding!!

    @Meripendium thank you! I will certainly update you once he arrives! :) Sending you positive thoughts and wishing you the best of luck!

    @Lola_H Thank you! You're little girl sounds absolutely beautiful and I'm sure she is a joy! I'm so glad to hear you had a smooth delivery experience and a healthy baby! My pregnancy is going well, getting excited and nervous as the due date gets closer. With all of the heartburn I've been having, I am definitely curious if our little guy will also have a head of hair when he is born lol :)

    Hope to keep in touch with you both!

  • Lola_HLola_H Posts: 5

    @Elambvt haha I had a heartburn as well through my entire pregnancy! When are you due? Very excited for you.

  • ElambvtElambvt Posts: 3

    @Lola_H Thank you! I am due on April 8th! Still have a little ways to go but overall the pregnancy seems to be going by quickly!

  • LiLo13LiLo13 Posts: 4

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. It is very exciting and encouraging to see success stories!!! <3

    After 2 miscarriages, I am looking for a vial from donor 10A20 and curious if anyone has an extra. They were available, but were sold while waiting on my genetic screening. I’m heartbroken. Unfortunately, I do not have time to wait on another release because my egg retrieval is in 2 weeks. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.


  • I am pregnant with 10A20 as well! Anyone have updates? @Lola_H @Elambvt !

  • SunshineMamaSunshineMama Posts: 6

    Hi everyone!! My wife is due with a baby girl from 10A20 I'm looking to see if anyone who is also pregnant/has used his viles would like to chat?

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