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Lesbians TTC at home

I have no infertility issues, but we have done one cycle of IUI in a clinic (our dr is great and very supportive) but we decided we'd TTC at home this time around. Any tips? I have researched preseed, conception fertility supplements, Pink stork tea, but would love to hear advice from anyone that has conceived through at home insemination. *We prefer not to insert anything into the cervix, since we are aware this is dangerous and could cause fertility issues.* Thanks in advance!! 😀


  • dixie0892dixie0892 Posts: 47

    I recommend watching mamabethie on YouTube. she's been really helpful for me to learn what all I need to do

  • Achogan3Achogan3 Posts: 3

    Thank you! I appreciate your response! Have you conceived?

  • dixie0892dixie0892 Posts: 47

    no this month will be my first try around the 20-24th

  • Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 5

    I used a diva cup and left it against my cervix for cpl hours. 1 ICI vial and pregnant first try

  • KalalaKalala Posts: 11

    Hi Everyone-

    I agree Mama bethie was very helpful & detailed, I will say we watched a kabillion videos and took a little from everyone which were all pretty similar ( even had a bullet point for my wife on the insemination days) we inseminated 2 vials last week one IUI and one ICI we did use the pre-seed, diva cup stayed in me for exactly 12hrs, I will keep you all posted on the outcome.. I am thinking about doing a video myself WHEN i am pregnant to share our experience with everyone.

  • Achogan3Achogan3 Posts: 3

    dixie0892 Im wishing you baby dust!!! Charlene2 I was thinking about using this method as well. Did you solely use the diva cup and no syringe?Kalala yes! there are so many people that could use that information!

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