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Donor 283K

Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 25
edited May 16 in Pregnancy and Babies

Looking for any remaining vial to purchase if someone has one in storage??? My last attempt to give son a full sibling. Please someone have just 1

Also looking to connect with any remaining families with 283K siblings


is my son from 283K conceived 2017


  • CSimpsonCSimpson Posts: 6


    I have a daughter from 283K. She was born Dec. 20, 2017. Penelope. I was living in Seattle at the time, but now we live in Wilmington, DE. Your little boy is so handsome!

  • Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 25

    Ohh that’s great she is a beautiful girl!!! I swear this donor makes gorgeous kids :) Caleb was born in Nov 2017 so they are close in age and we live in far northern CA

  • CSimpsonCSimpson Posts: 6

    Yes, they are just 1 month apart. There is something similar about their lips. Let's please stay in touch! My name is Carrie Simpson and my email is [email protected]

  • CSimpsonCSimpson Posts: 6

    I never saved the donor's profile on my computer. I just took handwritten notes about him. I also never saw a photo of the donor. Did you? I called the crybank and they put me on the list to pull up his profile from the archives.

  • Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 25

    I do have his childhood pics let me find them I’ll post them here :) not sure if you use Facebook but you can add me if you like @ Charlene Zemansky

    we also have a private FB group with other moms who’ve used 283k :)

  • CSimpsonCSimpson Posts: 6

    There are a few Charlene Zemansky's. Are you blonde wearing a pink shirt?

    I am so excited about the FB group for other 283K moms :)

  • Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 25

    The quality isn’t that great :/

  • Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 25

    im the one holding a baby with the green stripes :)

  • CSimpsonCSimpson Posts: 6

    Aww, these are awesome! Thanks.

    I just sent you a FB message :) If you can add me as a friend and invite me to the private FB group, that would be amazing!

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