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Can I use IUI ?

Can I use IUI vial for at home vaginal procedure’? In other words, can I use an IUI vial the same way I’d use an ICI vial- as in not putting directly into the cervix. 

since IUI is washed, will it not work if put outside the cervix instead of inside 

I hope I made sense 


most ICI vials are sold out


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    JJ_95JJ_95 Posts: 11

    yes, you can, HOWEVER, the concern most people have with that is the simple fact that IUI vials are indeed, as you know, “washed” meaning all seminal fluid is removed and just sperm is left. Therefor, making it safe to place directly into the cervix, but, seminal fluid plays an important role in helping sperm survive in the vagina which can sometimes be too acidic for the sperm to survive. Some woman use products such as preseed to help the sperm survive longer. However, obviously do NOT use preseed if you decide to use the vial as intended (for an IUI) as only “washed vials” can be used as such. Other than that, yes, IUI vials can absolutely be used for ICI procedures. Hope this helps!! Good luck to you!!

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