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Hello all. My wife and I are TTC again. First time around, my wife got a BFP from NWC sperm on our first try. We were unbelievably lucky and are blessed with the most amazing bouncing baby boy. Now we want to expand our family, but this time I’m going to try. The catch... I have PCOS. Luckily, I’ve been on metformin for the past three years and all of my bloodwork comes back “normal.” I’ve lost over 50lbs, exercise regularly, and medicate daily. I’ve been tracking my periods for years due to their inconsistencies. I just started tracking my CM, BBT, and doing LH tests at home. I’ve just started this journey about a week ago... and the task seems daunting to say the least. Any ladies out there with PCOS, if you got tips, tricks, or suggestions please share as a am all ears (so to speak). Mainly just reaching out to say hi and maybe connect with someone dealing with the same/similar hurdles.

As always, baby dust to all TTC now or in the near future.

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