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GaynaI91GaynaI91 Posts: 1
edited June 2020 in At-Home Insemination

Hi ladies, so I am 9DPO today and I have notice that my cm has not gone away since insemination. Sorry if it’s tmi, my cm has been cloudy white, kind of creamy but not too much. I am hoping this is a good sign. I also have been cramping here and there since my insemination. First couple days was a little more noticeable then they mellowed down and today I am staring to feel them a little bit more again. I took a test this morning but I got a bfn. I know it’s still early I am just so anxious to know already.. Have any of you experienced this and ended up with a bfp??


  • Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 26

    Cloudy white is normal after ovulation. I ended getting a light positive at 10dpo with first response test

  • futuremommafuturemomma Posts: 13

    I have been experiencing this same thing! I was cramping a lot more like the few days immediately following insemination but have been having light tingling cramps more recently. I’m 8DPO and really hoping for a positive in two days!!

    Sending you good vibes and baby dust!

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