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Donor 10A04

newmoonwknewmoonwk Posts: 5


I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant. I used donor 10a04 and would love to connect with other families that used the same donor!


  • melmelmelmel Posts: 25 ✭✭

    Hi! What did you have? Thanks

  • newmoonwknewmoonwk Posts: 5

    Hi! I had a beautiful boy! Thanks for asking.

  • SolaGSolaG Posts: 4

    Hello! My husband and I want to use Donor 10a04! Was there any mental health history or family mental health information listed in the profile? I didn't see any in the extended profile. Thanks!

  • newmoonwknewmoonwk Posts: 5

    Hi! No, I don’t believe there were any mental health concerns about this donor or his family. Good luck with your TTC journey!

  • mefrey47mefrey47 Posts: 1

    Hi there! We used donor 10A04 and have a 6 month old right now.

  • newmoonwknewmoonwk Posts: 5

    That’s awesome! Our kiddo is 6 months old too. I would love to connect with you guys if your open to it! My email is [email protected]

  • ClaireEvelynClaireEvelyn Posts: 1

    Hi! We used 10A04 and I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant. First try, one vial, at home, ICI.

  • newmoonwknewmoonwk Posts: 5

    Congratulations!🎉 That’s awesome! That’s exactly how I got pregnant with this donor too!🤗 I would love to connect if you are up for it💛 Here’s my email in case you want to connect: [email protected] Wishing you a fabulous pregnancy and healthy, happy baby💛

  • SolaGSolaG Posts: 4

    Hi everyone! congrats on the growth of your beautiful families! My husband and I are going with this donor. He is (in our opinion) far and away the best fit for our family. He is CMV positive however, and I am negative. Are there any cmv negative moms or gestational parents who used him. How are you? Is your baby ok? I heard that only certain men have recurring infections and it is only when an infection recurs that it is a problem. Any insight or personal experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so so much!

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