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First Time, HELP!

First time doing an at home insemination. First time trying to get pregnant in general. I tried reading a bunch of the comments and threads on here but man am i confused! Lol. I was wondering first of all which vial type would be best for at home inseminations. Also any other tips and full details would be amazing! We are wanting to try next month (July 2020), so i am hoping to get all my information before then. I have been tracking my ovulation and cycle so i feel like I'm all good there. But i just need some more detailed information about the actual insemination itself. Like how you inseminated. Was it with the syringe or the catheter method? And which vial type did you use?!

Any information would be amazing! My wife and i are excited to try but nervous all at the same time, as I'm sure everyone is.

Thanks in advance!


  • Charlene2Charlene2 Posts: 26
    edited June 2020

    ICI is best for at home insemination. However, IUI will work as well. I put it in a soft cup then put the soft cup in. Push my fingers in and push the plastic with specimen against cervix. I wait 18 hours AFTER FIRST positive on OPK test . Got pregnant first try with this .

    now yesterday I tried again for baby #2 and I ovulated too early and unexpected. My vial didn’t show up until 3 days after my positive ovulation test. So I’ll be lucky if it worked this time :/

  • Salazar15Salazar15 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the help! For the first baby did you use IUI or ICI?

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