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ICI vs IUI vials for at home insemination?

Hi all,

i am curious if anyone on here has had any luck with using the IUI vials for doing ICI at home? I noticed that most of the donors on here have only IUI available.

Googling it looks like you can use either, but it would be nice to hear success stories from people who used the IUI vials at home. (I couldn’t really find any where people said they specifically used the IUI vials.)

Trying to decide between purchasing IUI from here or using another bank that has ICI. I would prefer this place because they are local for me, but I don’t want to lower my chances to conceive!


  • trinaetuckertrinaetucker Posts: 6

    It's safe to use either but, from what I've read, there's a lower chance of success using IUI vials at home. IUI sperm is washed, so the sperm does not have the extra seminal fluid that would normally protect it from the acidic vagina.

  • albelitoalbelito Posts: 3

    I tried IUI for a couple of cycles but did not have much luck. I was able to get pregnant by the same 2 donors (I alternated each month) with their ICI but those pregnancies ended up in missed miscarriages unfortunately. I prefer ICI and the quantity of those vials are also reasonable compared to what was in the IUI vials.

    Good luck!

  • amandzoramandzor Posts: 5

    We did four cycles with IUI with no luck, we've swapped donors and vial types for this month to ICI. Hoping that was the trouble.

  • Landis90Landis90 Posts: 112 ✭✭✭

    ICI can be placed at the entrance to your cervix instead of going through to your uterus so its easier and has a higher success rate :)

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