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ICI/IUI At home Inseminations


How long does the frozen sperm live in the body? Also, Can anyone give me confirmed pregnancies using NWcryo ( not the donors info) . How long are the tanks for? 7days or 12? I was ordering from CRYO Internantional before I decided to try NWCryo. Thanks in Advance!


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    trinaetuckertrinaetucker Posts: 6

    I'm still TTC but I do know that the tanks are 7-day tanks.

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    albelitoalbelito Posts: 3

    I was pregnant twice by different donors using ICI but ended up having missed miscarriages both times. Yes the tank is good for 7 days.

    Good Luck!

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    albelitoalbelito Posts: 3

    Forgot to mention but the sperm only lives for 24 hours so it’s about precision in timing insemination and ovulation... It helps to do 2 vials each cycle to maximize your chances.

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