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Soft cups, preseed, and iui as ici

I'm curious, I've done a lot of research lately on using preseed and soft cups to help the chances of becoming pregnant. I have 4 vials of a particular donor that is no longer available and two of the vials are iui, so I really want to make every attempt count. I'm doing an at home insemination but I'm using the iui vials like an ici vial since I'm not comfortable trying to use a catheter. I've gone through so many discussion boards which I thought were very helpful. I'm curious which method works best with frozen sperm, if I should use a syringe to inseminate and then add the soft cup or if I should put the sperm in the soft cup and then insert. Can someone tell me their experience? The other discussion boards have women who had success with both methods but they had fresh sperm compared to frozen sperm and I just want to give the little swimmers the best possible chance. So any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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