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At-home Insem with donor 9600 IUI vial


My wife and I will be trying with donor 9600 this month. We had to order an IUI vial but was told there has been quite a bit of success with it. Have you had success with donor 9600? Did you use ICI or IUI?

Or have you had at home success with IUI vials? Would love to hear from you!

If you were successful with 9600 and are comfortable sharing a baby photo, that'd be great too!!



  • saddison05saddison05 Posts: 4

    Best of luck!! I had two inseminations late last year/early this year with no success. Then COVID, so now trying again but with injectables. I have two vials left, but here’s to hoping this one is successful - IUI is tomorrow morning! My wife and I are so hopeful!

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