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Asking for a baby from Santa Claus ;) Home Insem this week!


I've been researching this journey since 2006 and NWCryobank was always the bank I intended to use. I'm happy to say that after crazy years, many moves, and life changes... I'm biting the bullet and starting the SMBC journey. I was going to try in October but my cycle randomly decided to change (typically a 29 day cycle but a random 45 day cycle). I'm not sexually active...(sadly ever) so it was just my body deciding to make fun changes. Anyway, it scared me into action. I'm "only" 33 but I don't have any family fertility stories for females having babies in their thirties, so I don't know what to expect. At any rate, I know that my mother started perimenopause in her late thirties and girlfriend wants lots of babies (it's me. I'm girlfriend).

Anyway, In November I realized that if my cycle went back to 29-30 days, then I'd be ovulating on Christmas Eve. Low and behold...that's what it's looking like! I have a tank being delivered tomorrow. Using ClearBlue Advanced Digital, I started flashing "high" last night; based on other body clues, I think that I'll be at peak (or best fluids) tomorrow evening or Thursday morning.

Crossing fingers and wishing on baby dust! I know it's the first time so if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. This is a journey. I'm just excited to finally get it started!

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