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Donor 13583

For over a year now spacing out each try, my wonderful wife and I have been TTC through another sperm bank with no luck. Over and over, we kept going back to our original donor until I said... maybe we should try a different donor at a completely different bank. I quickly cancelled my order, came here and we both fell in love with a few donors. It was hard to narrow it down to one and we thought we had. Without hesitation, I said to her - why don't you go ahead and pick its ok. She quickly refused and gave me the option of picking which donor I felt would be perfect in creating our little family since I will be the one carrying. I feel so blessed, trusted, appreciated, and loved that my wife would let me pick someone so special on my own - for US. I've tried to share with her who i picked, but she doesn't want to know until she cuts the cord to a happy healthy baby and a happy healthy wife and mommy. Come march 2021 we will be trying with donor 13583... praying, hoping, and wishing for our little bundle of joy. Baby dust to you all!!!

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