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Hi! First time TTC and in the 2 week wait! (Donor 10A01)

Hi everyone,

I just had my first IUI on 2/21, and am in the waiting period now. My husband who is trans, and I felt very supported, respected, and taken care of by everyone we've worked with so far. It's been such a pleasant experience and we can't wait to be at the end of these two weeks! We got married in December, and are so excited to become parents. This forum seems like such a wonderful idea. We love the idea of creating community and having support. Are there any others out there with donor 10A01?

XO Hannah


  • JessandMorganJessandMorgan Posts: 4

    Best of luck!! We are currently about to try this week with another donor, but if it doesn't take 10A01 is our next choice!!

  • juelias07juelias07 Posts: 7

    I just ordered 3 vials from 10A01 and am hoping to do an IUI in about a week-ish. Any updates?

  • JuniperBlackJuniperBlack Posts: 2

    Just ordered a vial of this donor to try at home IUI next week!

  • juelias07juelias07 Posts: 7

    @JuniperBlack let me know how it goes! I had my first IUI (Letrozole & Trigger shot) on 6/16! In my TWW. Good luck!

  • JuniperBlackJuniperBlack Posts: 2

    @juelias07 Will do! Sending you lots of good juju and sparkly Baby Dust! <3

  • futuremommafuturemomma Posts: 13

    My husband is trans as well and we just ordered sperm for the first time from donor 13006! We're so excited to start this journey! Good luck to you and your family! Sending good vibes your way!

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