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BFP Donor 10A29

brooke1013brooke1013 Posts: 3
edited March 2021 in BFP Database

We have a bfp with this donor as of today 10dpo :) our first ici cycle.

I used the syringe included and inseminated at 20 hours and 36 hours past first positive opk. I used a tad bit of preseed on the first insemination.

Leading up to the BFP the only change I could notice was I SMELLED EVERYTHING, and super hungry. If anyone else is pregnant with this donor I would love to follow you :)


  • emykpan18emykpan18 Posts: 1

    Congratulations! I’m also interested in using this donor. Did you use IUI vial or ICI vial? I saw there was only iui available. I want to try ici as well at home. Did you also use any drugs like letrazole? Thank you for any info!

  • brooke1013brooke1013 Posts: 3

    We used an ici vial. No additional drugs and all done at home. She was born 11/19. If you get your BFP with donor I’d be so happy for you to follow me ifinterested . Here’s our little girl at 5 weeks 😊

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