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Inseminated too early 😩

bkc2021bkc2021 Posts: 1
edited April 2021 in At-Home Insemination

This is our official first cycle ttc with frozen vials. I have had lab work done and my doc said everything looks good on my end. I do have longer cycles average is 32 days. We got our 2 vials shipped last week and inseminated at most likely 3 days and 2 days prior to my actual O. Unfortunately, I usually have different peaks throughout My fertile time and I didn’t want to miss it... with that said it’s looking like I ovulated later. I’m so bummed... I know this is only our 1st try but obviously as you all know not only is it costly each month but I also have time that isn’t not on my side (I’m 39).

I know fresh sperm could make a baby at 2-3 days before O but unfortunately don’t think the frozen little guys will? Anyone have any positive situation like this? I know I still approx 2 week wait to know for sure.,, but I’m trying to be realistic.

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