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TWW and tests?

hello, so I'm DPO 13 and this morning I had a super super faint line (it there but like I cant see it in a picture very well) I'm supposed to start and have a blood test tomorrow. What I'm wondering is if anyone had a success even tho the line was super faint this late?


  • mmgarrison26mmgarrison26 Posts: 5

    I want to add it was right before the 3 minutes was up that the line appeared so I don't think its an evaporation line.

  • foxfox Posts: 40

    Those test strips are evil. When trying to conceive, you spend way too much time waiting and wanting for that magical line to appear. Many tests will create a shadow line when used that has nothing to do with your test results. All the medical "experts" I've spoken with say not to even take any tests until at least DPO 15. Like I'm going to wait that long. Bought in bulk, those little test cost pennies.

    Unfortunately, testing early can drive you crazy. At DPO 13, you are still early. You still have a chance until mother nature gives you the big negative. Also, caution of late appearing lines. A test strip can show a faint positive if left to dry out. I've had nothing but faint 'maybe' lines that turn into clear yes lines on day 19. So, hang in there.

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