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LBGT Family/Discrimination/First Time TTC!!!

Hello all!

I'm SO thankful to have found NWCryo because my husband (who is trans) and I have been through HELL with other banks. Every other bank needed a doctor to sign a letter for an at-home insemination that didn't even involve a doctor. We hated that but accepted it and ordered vials from a place called Xytex. Well, two days before it's supposed to ship, our doctor tells us she cannot sign the paperwork for it to be shipped. The way Xytex worded their Supply Agreement made it extremely odd and seemingly risky for doctors to sign. We paid so much money to have a quick appointment with a bunch of other doctors for them to all say the same thing. They refused to sign it. So, yesterday, we basically spent all day crying and trying to find other options. We were feeling SO discriminated against. I've felt discrimination many times in my life but this just hit different. My number one goal in life has always been to have children. Long story short, we had such a rush of positivity and happiness when we found this bank. I LOVE that we don't need a doctor to sign off on it being shipped to our home. Think about it, if you were TTC and a cis-gendered straight couple, you wouldn't get a signature from a doctor before you start having sex! Anyway, I'm feeling very hopeful and uplifted now and have ordered a vial to be shipped to us in time for my cycle this month! I'm nervous but SO excited!

Is anyone else an LGBT couple who has faced these similar things?

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