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Lots of questions and even more hope!

Hi everyone! My partner and I are ready to order our vial/s for September but first I wanted to clear up some questions we have. I have a 15 yro conceived through NI on the first try. This time I want to take the AI approach with a cryobank. Timing!...I've been reading through so much material. When people use the term positive LH are they speaking of the "high" reading on the 2-line ovulation strips? I have been using the 2-line ovulation strips to track my cycle for the last 9 months and have recently started adding the clearblue digital sticks as well. It seems my "peak" reading happens on cycle day 13 or 14. Should we be inseminating on the peak day or 12-24 hours after the first positive reading?

It seems ICI vials are the best options for at home insemination.... so 1 or 2 vials? It seems that many people have success with 1 vial per cycle but 2 could better the chances because of timing?

I've heard of women inseminating and then using a softcup. Is there true method to this madness?

Does coming to a climax during or directly after the insemination have any effect on conception?

Do cryobank donors have any parental rights?

I wont overwhelm you all with any more question for this thread but we truly thank you for all of your advice in advance!!

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