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Help finding vials of donor 9600

Good morning all. I found out this morning that our donor 9600 is no longer donating and has no vials available for purchase. The lady on the phone told me that a lot of people have 9600 donor vials in their storage because they've already purchased them. She said I would be able to post on the forum and see if anyone would be willing to do a non-family sale of donor 9600 vials. My wife and I have been trying for 8 years to get pregnant and donor number 9600 has worked for us but I had a miscarriage. I would like to try with the same donor and that's why I'm looking to see if anyone's willing to sell any of their vials. My doctor doesn't want us to have to start over with a new donor just yet. If anyone can please help me I would greatly appreciate it thank you.


  • bigsky84bigsky84 Posts: 2

    Where are you located? I have one in storage with my doctor but I am to set on using it for my next cycle.

  • jmyancy626jmyancy626 Posts: 5

    I'm located in Texas. Good luck

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