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410Z vials for sale

Hello everyone! Our family is complete now and I want to sell off our remaining 410Z vials. Happy to sell for less than we paid, preference given to families that already have a child by this donor. Thank you!


  • EP85EP85 Posts: 1
    edited February 2022

    Hi there! Am very interested in 410Z, and he just ran out (over the weekend, which was quite surprising when I called to make my order today). This is my first time trying to conceive, so won't be adding to an already-410z-family, but would love to arrange a transfer if you are still interested.

  • canadaawcanadaaw Posts: 12

    This may be an old post, but curious if these are available? My son is from 410z. Thanks !

  • Oh no, I already sold these vials, I’m so sorry! I was running up against the timeframe against which I could sell them back and didn’t get any initial interest after a few weeks so I sold them back.

  • canadaawcanadaaw Posts: 12


    no problem! Thank you. I’m from Canada and somehow didn’t realize this forum was a thing until now! Our son is great, we just transferred our last remaining embryo this past Friday so we are hoping it takes but part of me was hoping for more vials incase it doesn’t!

    thank you for the reply! I appreciate it!

  • Awesome, best of luck with your transfer. I sent you a message about a private FB group for 410z donor babies, let me know if you have any questions!

  • canadaawcanadaaw Posts: 12


    yes I did contact nw and they don’t have any stock at the moment. I am on a waiting list if they get more! And yes I just got the other message. I’ll check out the Facebook group! That would be cute to see!


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