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August Insemination

Hello. I am attempting to conceive at home for the first time in August. I have 1 vial of ICI, Mosie baby kit, and a box of Clear blue digital OPK. I read a lot of different comments about when to inseminate after receiving the solid smiley face. I don't know the correct time - 12 hours later, 18 hours later, etc? I will be inseminating immediately after the solid smiley face. The last time I had Clear blue digital OPK, I tested after I urinated because there was cervical mucus in the toilet. I tested the next time I urinated, and I had a solid smiley face. For my body, I only have cervical mucus that is present for 1 day. It is usually the middle of the morning around 10 or 11am. Around that time is when the cervical mucus is the most in quantity but as the day progresses toward the evening, around 10pm/11pm it is scarce and not much. I’m not 100% it’ll a success but I wanted to see if anyone else would be attempting to inseminate this upcoming month?

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