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10A45 - 3 vials available

ackruegerackrueger Posts: 5
edited October 2022 in Members only Forum

I have 3 vials at NW Cryobank that I will not be using. I have donor profile saved if you’re interested.



Eye Color: 


Hair Color: 

Light Brown

Hair Texture: 





  • ackruegerackrueger Posts: 5

  • blessingmeblessingme Posts: 7

    Hello I am very interested me and my partner been looking and trying to conceive for a while now please help us make this happen if you can may God bless you that would be our first blessing

  • ackruegerackrueger Posts: 5
    edited January 2023

    Hello @blessingme , I still have all three vials available. If you’d like to purchase them for the price I paid in 2021 I’d be happy to talk to you further.

  • morganmayemorganmaye Posts: 7

    Are these still available, do you have further donor information? I am actively searching as my daughter's donor is all out. Thank You.

  • jessie_geejessie_gee Posts: 2

    Hi! Are these vials canadian compliant? I used 10A45 for my twins and would like to try for a sibling! Thanks

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