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NW Cryobank community boards and sibling connect groups will no longer be available after December 20th, 2023.


Hello! I am going to start TTC with donor 10B34. If anyone else is using this donor I would love to connect with you!



  • LauraLaura Posts: 1

    Iam interested, as well. I have a ton of questions and hope I don't come across as overwhelming or invasive. I don't know if there is a private message feature in this chat or not, and please feel free to answer if and where you're inclined to: Were you successful with this donor? How many vials? All at home or clinic, what worked or didn't, etc? Thank you!

  • darci_koboltdarci_kobolt Posts: 8

    Sorry! Just saw this. I bought 8 vials because I want to use them for siblings. It took 3 vials (with meds) for me to get pregnant. I went through a clinic and they assisted me. It really depends on your body and how it reacts to trying to conceive.

  • Martie79Martie79 Posts: 4

    We used Donor 10B34 to have our daughter. She is such a blessing and we are so lucky. She is so beautiful and I'm so thankful to be her Mama.

  • I sent you a message with my email in case you would like to connect since our kids will be half-siblings. Hopefully you get it before the bank closes at the end of December.

  • sjm122788sjm122788 Posts: 2


    I have a set of twin girls from this donor. If there are several of us, maybe we could start a Facebook page in case there is a need to share medical info, ect. Please let me know if anyone sees this with a child from this donor and wants to exchange info. Thanks!

  • Martie79Martie79 Posts: 4

    My daughter is almost 8 months old. She is such a joy. I have prayed so hard for her. We live in the TriCities area of Tennessee/Virginia. I hope to have one more child with 10B34. I'm shocked that NW Cryobank is closing. Wow! Twins! How amazing. Congrats!


  • AndreaDAndreaD Posts: 4

    I’ve also had success and a beautiful baby with this donor!

    I Just joined the private donor siblings group on here…if you go to groups and search 10B34, NW cryo verifies and approves donor families. We can have private sharing of info there for the next month.

    Congratulations everyone!

  • Martie79Martie79 Posts: 4

    Congrats AndreaD! I would love to give my kids the opportunity to know their half siblings one day. I will look into the sibling group.


  • Thanks for the info! Didn't realize that was a thing on here!

  • There is a Facebook group for all nw donor families as well, it isn't letting me copy the link but I originally found it by searching through the community board.

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