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Hello! I am going to start TTC with donor 10B34. If anyone else is using this donor I would love to connect with you!



  • LauraLaura Posts: 1

    Iam interested, as well. I have a ton of questions and hope I don't come across as overwhelming or invasive. I don't know if there is a private message feature in this chat or not, and please feel free to answer if and where you're inclined to: Were you successful with this donor? How many vials? All at home or clinic, what worked or didn't, etc? Thank you!

  • darci_koboltdarci_kobolt Posts: 2

    Sorry! Just saw this. I bought 8 vials because I want to use them for siblings. It took 3 vials (with meds) for me to get pregnant. I went through a clinic and they assisted me. It really depends on your body and how it reacts to trying to conceive.

  • Martie79Martie79 Posts: 1

    We used Donor 10B34 to have our daughter. She is such a blessing and we are so lucky. She is so beautiful and I'm so thankful to be her Mama.

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