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149 donor

brr1216brr1216 Posts: 4
edited November -1 in Members only Forum
my partner and i had a beautiful boy born christmas day 2008 with donor 149.. we have tried twice since to bless our family and son with a sibling..now 149 is no longer avaiable.. but wanted to make one last effort for same donor.. so if anyone out there can help me locate more 149 i would be more than grateful.. thank you for even reading.. good luck to everyone one on their path

also can anyone tell me if the donor can be contacted by NWCryo and atleasst asked to make anoher donation under these cirumsances


  • KYSTKYST Posts: 148
    edited November -1
    Have you posted on the "Beyond" board? There is a sticky at the top for people seeking or selling vials.
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